Zoey is such a joy in our lives. She is very smart, learns quickly and has become a very important part of our family. Zoey is gradually increasing the time she spends at work at Schowalter Villa, a continuing care retirement community.  She goes to work with Treva 2 to 3 days per week now. She is an absolute sweetheart and everyone who meets her loves her.  The residents are always interested in knowing about her and ask where she is if she is not with us. We were very pleased with the way Molly at Cottonwood Labradoodles helped us plan Zoey's transition from her life there to her life with us and her work at Schowalter Villa.  Molly gave several great recommendations for a successful transition and got us started in our plan for Zoey's training as a therapy dog.   We highly recommend Cottonwood Labradoodles, this has been an outstanding experience!
 ~Treva and Leon, Wichita, Kansas

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This is one of Cottonwood's very own and we're so proud he's 
now one of the Texas MADE assistance dogs! 
 Click here to see what Percy is up to on Facebook. 

I wanted to thank you both again for the most wonderful dog adoption experience!  Charlie is doing great and has adjusted well to his new home and "litter mates."  He is so well behaved and adjusted that I can't seem to get over it.  He has been sleeping through the night without a problem and made it through his first tornado warning with only minimal whining.  If only our children were as well behaved. He loves going for long walks and has been doing so well on the leash. He passed his first vet exam with flying colors as well.  We are so impressed! Scott worked on the garden today and Charlie was worn out running around the yard with the boys.  We have decided that he considers our four year old, Kian, his little master and our two year old, JeanLuc, his litter mate.  They are having so much fun with him and Kian can't stop saying that he is "the cutest dog I ever had".  (This would be the only dog he ever had)  Speaking of winning over people, my mother has decided that Charlie is so well behaved that he is even allowed over to her house to visit and has been going on  walks with us!  (This is the woman who was sure she couldn't bond with a dog!)  I am not sure what kind of spell you send with your  puppies but you sure are doing everything right. Thank you again for everything,
~Javine, Scott, Kian, JeanLuc and Charlie Parsons, KS

December 2015:
Hi Molly!  I hope you are doing well.  I snapped the first two cute pics of Brady this morning.  He is patiently waiting for Christmas to come!  The last picture is from our Christmas card - he gets mistaken for an English sheepdog quite a bit.  : )  He is a joy and we love him so much!  I hope you and your family are doing well!


Thank you so much for giving our puppy, True, such an amazing start in life.  He is the embodiment of love and joy.  My daughter and I get compliments on his good behavior from everyone he meets, but we know that we are only partially responsible.  The tender loving care that True received from the day he was born has made him the wonderful puppy that he is today.

True is the star of his puppy class, playful, social, and smart. He is always the pup that shows the other puppies how it should be done.  At my art gallery in Kansas City, True is part of the staff.  He comes to work with me everyday, chooses his favorite art pick (which we then post on the gallery's facebook page), plays with his toys, naps and personally greets everyone who stops by, often rolling on his back to present his tummy for a rub.  In short, he is perfect!   Everyone that we meet wants a dog like True and we tell them all that Cottonwood Labradoodles is the breeder they need to know. 
Sherry, Kansas City, MO

We are so delighted to have had the opportunity to know our Cottonwood Labradoodle, Henry, from the moment he was born. It has been amazing to watch him grow and learn; to go from curious, thoughtful—almost introspective—puppy, to sweet, humorous, and energetic one-year-old. Even all grown up, he still sits back on his hind quarters, tilting his head from side to side, as if listening intently to every conversation. Henry has been our right-hand man, riding shot-gun for all our long road trips. He’s helped us plant a garden and  is great with our chickens. Additionally, he is friendly to all other animals and loves people more than anything else. Everywhere we go people want to know where we found such a handsome fellow; they are even more impressed when they feel his silky coat. Henry is a great snuggler, hiker, fetching-machine, and LOVES the water! Henry has been such a wonderful addition to our lives; where we would be without him and his sugary smile! 
~ Mary and Andy, Vienna, Illinois

Thank you for this sweet blessing in our lives. It is wonderful having her as part of our household.
Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes,

December 2016:
Hi Molly,
I can’t wait to see your new pups in January and I’m so glad you will be breeding Blossom again.  Very tempting to grab up another one of her pups.  : )  Brady is so handsome - we get compliments all the time that he is a fine looking dog.  Those are their words.  He had his big vet appointment about a month ago and he is in tip-top shape - doing great, very healthy.  He just still gets car sick if you can believe it.  We have figured out if he sits in the front passenger seat with my husband, he is fine.  Little stinker probably just wants to be by me.  : )  We are proud of him.  He is our best buddy, especially mine.  He follows me around all day at home and you should see his eye contact when I say the word “walk” in a sentence to him - talk about intensely locking-in!  As you can imagine, walks are his very favorite.  He does see our mail slot which goes directly into our house as a major security flaw to our house.  When the mail is being dropped in, you should see how he slips and slides to get there in time.  It’s a fire drill…every…single…time.  : )  We have got to get it on video.  Did I tell you that he is a major hunter?  He has already caught two birds in our backyard.  He wants a squirrel so badly.  I just don’t think he is going to get one ever with our super old Pecan tree in the backyard, but he isn’t going to stop trying.  He also is allowed to sleep with Trent and I and we both love it.  Super spoiled.  Anyway, talk soon!

Percy was donated to MADE by Cottonwood Labradoodles in July 2014, and was trained by Kara for PTSD assistance. In Winter 2016, Percy became a facility dog for the Momentum Academy. He assists with providing sensory and overstimulation assistance,

fine-tuning motor skills, mitigating test anxiety, and more.


Updates on "Brady" also known as Green Boy from Cottonwood's Blossom and Spring Creeks Kiss Me Quick "Mason" of Ocean State Labradoodles

 I can't believe Lucy Lou is almost a year old! The care and attention she was given at Cottonwood Labradoodles in her first months truly gave​ her a great start in obedience and ​social skills. She is the first puppy that I've had in my house (her older brother was a rescue at a year old.) I still have no idea what people mean when they talk about the terrors of potty training! On day one, Lucy Lou learned the acceptable, outdoor location to potty, and besides one or two mistakes due to my inattention, we've had no accidents! Lucy Lou's sweet disposition makes it a joy to work with her in obedience training. She picks up commands quickly and is eager to please. She is also a great player with other dogs at our local dog park. Lucy Lou has not met a stranger yet, but does show strong loyalty to myself and my other dog. Lucy Lou has remained small on the scale for Labradoodles- weighing in at 20 pounds. However, this does not keep her from swimming and playing with larger dogs. Bringing Lucy Lou into my house, with my other dog, was a wonderful decision, as her presence has been a daily blessing. I am so thankful to Cottonwood Labradoodles for providing such a great start for Lucy Lou.
~ Anna, Wichita, Kansas ​

We feel so fortunate that we found Cottonwood Labradoodles when we were
searching for the perfect family dog! Obie is almost 8 months old and he is
amazing! He's the perfect addition to our family. Our three little girls
just love him and he loves them right back! We have so much fun with him
and it's unbelievable what a great dog he is! I was expecting puppyhood to
be very difficult as well as rewarding, but Obie is such an easy, smart, wonderful puppy! He's so easy going and playful. After we brought him home he adjusted quickly and seemed to settle right in. He was very calm and laid back as he got used to his new surroundings. I was absolutely blown away when I realized he was basically house trained already! He only had a couple of accidents in the first week, and I believe it was only because I was preoccupied and didn't notice when he needed to go outside. We spend a lot of time at our lake house in the summer and Obie fell in love with the lake! The first time we took him, he jumped on the boat like it was his normal routine. He ran into the water and swam to catch sticks and even rode on our Super Mabel with (an inner tube type ride) me and my daughters! He is so much fun! We just couldn't be happier with our Obie! You do a fantastic job with the puppies getting them ready for the sights and sounds of their world. I still can't believe how Obie easily adapts to every situation! I would tell anyone that is considering adopting a puppy to get an Australian Labradoodle, and I would tell them the best place to get one
is from Cottonwood!! Thank you so much Molly!
Kandi Veazey Hereford, Texas

Hi Molly! 
Looking forward to celebrating my sweet girl's first birthday next week and even more to February when we will have been together a full year!
She weighs in at right around 30 pounds, loves her walks, playing with toys and the joy of finding an occasional unattended shoe or sock!

Charlie has been the most perfect addition to my life. He is fun, energetic, loving, playful, and snuggly.  Almost 10 months old, Charlie is extremely well behaved and very​ smart. I couldn’t have asked for a better transition from Cottonwood Labradoodles to my home. He completed obedience training at 6 months and was at the top of his class with much older dogs! It is so easy to teach Charlie knew commands because he was introduced to excellent training at Cottonwood Labradoodles. When he and I go for walks, I get so many compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. I am proud to share with everyone where Charlie came from.
Cottonwood Labradoodles provided me with great advice, tips, and answers to my many questions. Charlie is my first puppy to have on my own and I cannot imagine a better companion. Thank you Cottonwood Labradoodles for providing me with the most wonderful friend! He is truly a blessing. 
 -Megan and Charlie, McPherson, KS

Zoey is settling in really well after getting to know us. Monday evening I took her over to the Villa in the evening and she got to see Treva and meet the board members and make a wonderful impression.Tuesday I brought her over to get a picture taken and as you can see she looks pretty happy to be here. And everyone was so happy to catch a glimpse of ‘our new puppy’. It is fun to see the feeling of ownership and delight. A lot of people were impressed and commented on her calmness and wonderful temperament (including myself)! Thanks for all the wonderful foundation work that you did to prepare her for this day!
Sharon, Zoey’s Aunt (Schowalter Villa, Hesston, KS)

I haven't had a dog since I was in the eight grade! I am now 38 and my wife and I and our one year old son are the proud parents of Grover our "doodle". From the first day of leaving Molly's ranch, Grover was an instant best friend and constant companion. He is an alarm clock, walking partner, play buddy for my son, athlete at the park, mild mannered guy who never once went doodle in the house:)! He gives the best hugs and is quite a diplomat around the house.  All I can say about Grover is he is now part of the family and I can't remember what life was like before him. Thanks Molly!
Blake, Leslie, and George, Charlottesville, Virginia

Hi Molly!

 “Maggie” is having her spay surgery next Tuesday. She is doing wonderfully. Her coat is soft and she has done great with housebreaking. We are enjoying her so much. When the weather has gotten cold and icy I have been walking (not running) her on the treadmill. Mark was surprised when he got on the treadmill last week and Maggie jumped right on behind him. He had planned on running, but said she was on he walked. We have not been running her. Maggie and Mark got "Best in Class" in her puppy class.  I insisted that he be the handler and he is doing very well. Maggie has stayed in hotels in Dallas and St. Louis and has behaved very well.

Our two-year-old granddaughter was here after Christmas and Maggie did wonderfully with her. Elly's favorite thing to do was to put all of Maggie's toys and her water bowl and Maggie loved it! I have a very poorly shot video of Maggie yesterday and our first snow that I took for our grandson's age 3 and 1. I will text it to you. I am not a very good photographer and chocolate is very difficult for me to photograph. I know what you meant when you said that they don't show up as cute as they really are in photos. Maggie weighs about 18 1/2 pounds; she is healthy and very well-balanced. John Lopez, the trainer, says they don't get any better than this. We say almost every day that you chose the right dog for us! Mark just said yesterday that," Maggie is such a good dog, worth every penny."
Margie and Mark

Update on Percy Barkson: 

'30 Days with Roxie' 
It’s always fun to hear and see pics of our pups in their forever home; 
here’s an e-mail from Randy, 
"Roxie is doing great, I think she is enjoying her new home."

Hi Molly,
Cooper is awesome.  He took to fetching very naturally.  He loves to play tug of way with boys and he really loves the snow.  He loves to sleep in his kennel.  He has out grown the toy poodles but loves to tag around with MARIO.
He is going to do more training at the Dodge City kennel club.  He truly has been the most amazing pup.  He likes to play, but still loves to cuddle too.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Click here to read an article featured in the 
Newton Kansan about one of our pups, Zoey!

May 2017:
Hi Molly,
Rosie Bea aka Purple Girl is a delightful puppy. We are having such fun with her. She is a sharp little puppy and catches on quickly. Tonight she graduated from Puppy Preschool. We are going to take Puppy Kindergarten next. 

Here's a big kiss coming from your namesake and the puppies' half-sissy, Miss Molly Belle Tully!!!
Feel free to re-post these pictures.
Hope you're well and enjoying the holidays!
Be well,

An update on "Roxie" aka Yellow Girl from Cottonwood's Blossom and Spring Creeks Kiss Me Quick "Mason" of Ocean State Labradoodles: 
​Roxie is great, very smart and spoiled.  Had her spay surgery on the 5th of September, all the grand kids and their dogs love her.  Always get compliments on how pretty she is.  She loves all dogs and people, never barks at anyone.  Loves the lake, not swimming but wades out to her neck.  Have not enrolled her in any classes.  She is potty trained now for about 6 weeks, we  leave her in the house by herself when we are gone for less than 2 hours, during the day and night, she is not in the kennel.  We have not had a problem is walking her, stays by our side 95% of the time.  -Randy


Hello Molly,
I hope you have been doing well since the last time we were in contact. I have exciting news - Percy is being placed next week! He is going to be working as a facility dog for a private school in Houston for children and teenagers with special needs. He will provide support during therapy sessions, help mitigate test/school anxiety, and work with approximately 20 students during the day. In the evenings and on weekends/holidays, he will live with the family of one of the school's administrators, and provide assistance for her disabled daughter who also attends the school.
We are very excited about this placement, as we feel it is a great fit for Percy and his personality. He is a lover, and does not like being limited to one person - he wants to share the joy with everyone. We will be sure to take lots of pictures, and send them and updates to you for your personal/website use.
Thank you again for donating him to the program! He is going to make a difference in the lives of so many disabled young people.

Hailey Jumper Mauldin
Executive Director 
MADE in Texas Assistance Dogs

Timmy could not be doing better! He has adjusted to us without any problems. He sleeps through the night in his crate. We take him for three walks a day, and he stays on my right side and does not pull the leash at all, just walks along like the little gentleman that he is. Jan just loves him, and Timmy has started loving her right from the start! He goes out in the morning and picks up my paper and brings it right into the family room. Our Vet just loved him! You have done a remarkable job with having them ready for us and their new owners. I am a very happy man! He is the hit of all the neighborhood. " 
Peace, Dan, Denver Colorado

May 2017:
Hi Molly,
I hope you are doing well!  I wanted to send you a few pictures of our
precious Brady.  His 3rd birthday was on Cinco de Mayo.  He got to go to the doggy toy store with us and pick out a new toy.  Then he got to have a chic-fil-a sandwich, his favorite thing he tries to steal from the boys!  :)  He is doing wonderfully and we love him so much.  He is definitely my third son.  Such a lovable boy he is with the sweetest temperament - he is perfect for our family.  Thank you!

Baxter has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is loved by everyone.  He is such a people person and good watch dog. He makes friends wherever he goes.  He has also earned the nick name “Alf”. Baxter is smart, fluffy, personable, tries to talk, and has various facial expressions which reminds us of “Alf”. We take him to the lake; he is not much of swimmer, yet.  However, he loves to get wet.  He will play with the water from a sprinkler or garden hose.  He tries to bite the water, but by the time he is done playing, he is completely soaked and thinks it was the greatest thing.  He also enjoys grabbing shoes and digging into trash cans. I bought trash cans with lids, unfortunately due to the smart breed of dog we have, he figured out how to open them!  When he plays with the shoe, he will shake it while the laces are in his mouth.  This will cause the shoe to hit him, and he will start growling at it.  What’s hilarious about this is his growl sounds like Jet Ski idling in the water!  
He has a GREAT personality and is truly LOVED by our family.  I love how he gazes into your eyes with love, when he is being petted.  He’s assuming! 
Jannel Munk for Baxter‏, Kansas City