Cottonwood Labradoodles are Australian Multi Generation Labradoodles and are priced at $2,750 plus tax. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your puppy. Names on our waitlist are all families that have placed a $500 deposit with us after a mutual interview and a puppy application has been reviewed.  They are then listed in order of deposits received and what the families’ preferences are.

When puppies are born we send a litter announcement and post updates, photos and video on our website and Facebook page during the puppies first 8 weeks. During the 7th week all puppies will have their Vet health checks and Micro-chips implanted. At 7 ½ weeks the puppies receive the APET Puppy Evaluation with our trainer which is an extensive process helping to match puppies to their families. Each pup is tested individually for a variety of traits; Activity focus, Assertiveness –Dog, Assertiveness with people, Biddability, Courage, Energy level, Eye contact, Patience, just to name a few. There are 21 test components with 33 traits measured. We take all the information we've learned through the assessment process and add that to the information we have from each family, their application and preferences and info gathered on what their ideal dog would be like, what they would want to be able to do with your dog. This is then added to the information recorded on each pup from the time they were born till assessment time.

Each family on our waiting list is then contacted in order of deposit to tell them about the pup we think will be the best match for them. This comprehensive evaluation process seeks to give every owner the ideal puppy for them and provide them a training plan for their individual puppy.

All puppies come to you with the following........

• Pedigree of 3 generations
• Two Year Health Guarantee 
• Registration with the ALAA 
• Puppy Care Instructions 
• Micro-chipped 
• Health Record of administered age appropriate vaccinations
• De-wormed 
• Imprinting conditioning exercise sheet
• Socialization with adults, children, and other animals
•  Veterinary Health Check
•  Stuffed toy with littermate’s and momma’s scent 
• Sample bag of food that your puppy has been eating to aid with transition 
• Puppy lead (leash) 
• Lifetime support from us


 If puppy has not been de-sexed prior to buyer’s pick up, buyer agrees to sign a contract to have puppy spayed/neutered by the age of 6 to 8 months and provide seller with documentation. 

We reserve the right to keep a first & second choice puppy for future breeding stock from each litter, if we so choose. Families are then matched from their order of deposit, application requests and temperament testing.