Pippa for President! (Halloween 2016)

Cottonwood Ruby

Registration # ALAA-070101

Sex:  Female
Registration: Full
Date of Birth: 11-Dec-2010
Sire: Southern Charm’s Ripley’s Believe
it or Not; ALAA-017236
Dam: 4 Paws Tatum Fudge; 
Breed: M Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: Medium, 19 inches, 40 pounds
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Curly Fleece

Health Testing: Hips OFA Good (prelim); Elbows OFA Free; CERF Clear; PRAprcd Clear by parentage; CBC and Thyroid Panel: Normal

Violet is adorable! She has a dark, rich chocolate coat which can look red in the sunlight. She is very smart, laid back, and loves to play games and retrieve toys. Violet is in training to be a 'Reading Dog' at our local library.

Cottonwood's Blossom

Registration #:  ALAA-022333

4Paws Tatum Fudge

4Paws Autumn Dove

Hale’s Such a Player aka Bruno of Cottonwood Labradoodles

Registration #: ALAA-030146

Cottonwood's Sunshine

Registration #: ALAA-030012

Sex:  Female
Date of Birth:  5-8-2014
Sire:  Ocean State’s Charlie Brown
Dam:  Cottonwood’s Violet
Breed:  Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle
Size: Medium, 18 inches and 32 pounds
Color:  Caramel
Coat: Wavy Fleece
Health Clearances: 90th percentile PennHip, elbows OFA normal, CERF clear, CBC and Thyroid panel normal, PRA-prcd (clear by parentage), vWd (clear by parentage) EIC (clear by parentage)

Our sweet Honey is as close to perfection as can be! Made right here at the Cottonwood Ranch, she was one of 9 pups from our own Violet and Ocean State’s Charlie Brown. She has a beautiful light caramel, wavy/curly fleece coat that is as soft as her temperament and amber eyes that sparkle with love when she looks at you.  A perfect size Medium, Honey likes to perch on a toy box and look out our window for wildlife, hummingbirds or the occasional free-range chicken! She loves to run and race with Bruno but can cuddle like no other. She’s gone on several road trips to Colorado with us and rides like a dream and is welcomed at all motels we stay in. (Plus she gets to join us on the bed when we’re on vacation!) I cannot wait to see the beautiful pups she will make; there should be some chocolates as both of her parents were chocolate, and we love chocolate!

Our Dogs

Cottonwood's Violet

Registration #: ALAA-022342

Sex:  Female
Date of Birth: 6/1/18
Sire: Legendary’s AJ
Dam: Cottonwood Pippa
Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: Small Medium
Color: Caramel with white markings
Coat: Fleece

Health Clearances: Hips OFA Fair (Prelim), Elbows normal, Patella’s normal, OFA CAER normal, PRA prcd Clear, vWd l Clear by Parentage, Paw Print Genetics DNA, DM Clear; Paw Prints Genetics Health Certificate Results- Click Here

OH Ruby! Or ‘Rubyliscious!’ as her Guardian Family the Walters refer to her, so happy you will be an up and coming breeder with us here at Cottonwood. Ruby is the daughter of our darling, chocolate Pippa and Legendary’s AJ and granddaughter to Honey and Bruno. Keeping this girl has brought us all such joy and she has passed all her health testing to the ALAA Gold Level. Ruby is fun, playful, a snuggle bug, and easy going. She loves to ride along in the car, go for walks or play in the yard with her 3 human siblings. She will cuddle and receive belly rubs all day long and make you feel happy for the time you get to spend with her. She has a beautiful soft fleece coat of caramel color with white markings and beautiful hazel eyes. We are so excited to see what gorgeous puppies she will create for us in the future. Love you Ruby! 

Sex: Female
Date of Birth:  1/4/2016
Sire: Hale’s Such a Player aka “Bruno” of Cottonwood Labradoodles
Dam: Cottonwood Honey
Breed:  Australian Labradoodle
Body Size:  17 inches, 29 pounds (small Medium)

Color:  Chocolate, bbEe
Coat:   Curly Fleece
Health Clearances:  Hips OFA Good, Pennhip 90%, Elbows normal, Patella’s normal, CERF normal (clear), EIC normal (clear), PRA prcd , vWd , IC clear, DNA profiling, 
*Paw Print Genetics Health Certificate Results-Click here

*Paw Print Genetics Coat Color and Trait Certificate-Click here

Ah sweet Pippa! Thank you for your beautiful puppies created here at Cottonwood and especially for Cottonwood Ruby who will continue your wonderful legacy in the years to come. Enjoy retirement with your most amazing family the Jost’s.

Pippa is a doll! A daughter of our Honey and Bruno she is a perfect blend of them both. Pippa has her dad’s dark chocolate fleece coat and friendly demeanor and her momma’s sweet nature, amber eyes and athletic structure and size. Both parents are snuggle bugs so to say Pippa likes to cuddle is a given! Pippa also has outstanding health testing and we couldn’t be more excited to see the puppies she will produce in the future for Cottonwood Labradoodles. We are so fortunate to have the Jost Family; a wonderful guardian family for Pippa who have given her a home full of love, adventure, and socialization with Ella and Talia (acting as older sisters) to Pippa! They've already completed two Puppy Classes with Pippa and an Obedience class last August.

Pippa in her loving Guardian Home!

Tatum Fudge is a cafe' in color Australian Labradoodle. She weighs 30 pounds and has a fleece coat. We purchased her from Linda Layman at 4Paws where they  raised her from birth, along with her  sister Autumn.

Tatum’s Mom was apricot and her hips were OFA GOOD, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear and Thyroid and CBC Normal. 

Tatum’s Dad was a chocolate Australian Multi Gen and is owned by Dixie Moore at Dixie’s Doodles.  
Tatum is so sweet and loving. She is also comical in her play and loves to fetch! Tatum’s hips are OFA GOOD, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, and CBC and Thyroid Normal. 
ALAA Registered Name: 
4Paws Tatum Fudge

ALAA Registration Number:

Tatum has had 4 awesome litters of pups and is now retired to a life of leisure.

Autumn is a sister of Tatum and is 
cream in color with a soft wool coat. She is a medium size Australian Labradoodle weighing 30 pounds.

Her hips are OFA GOOD, Elbows 
Normal, Eyes Clear, PRAprcd Clear by Parentage and Thyroid and CBC 

Autumn is a sweatheart with a 
wonderful temperament! Her favorite thing is to lay her head in your lap and look lovingly into your eyes.

ALAA Registered Name: 
4Paws Autumn Dove

ALAA Registration Number: 
ALAA- 007191  

Autumn is now retired after producing 4 beautiful litters of pups.

Sex: Male
Date of Birth:  11-4-2012
Sire: Cherry White Chocolate Toblerone
Dam: Hale’s Lil Miss Maggie
Breed:  Australian Labradoodle
Body Size:  20 inches and 47 pounds
Color:  Chocolate
Coat:  Fleece
Health Clearances:  Hips OFA Good, Pennhip 90%, Elbows normal, Patella’s normal, CERF clear normal, PRA prcd cbp(cleared by parentage), vWd cbp, IC carrier, DNA color coat bbEe and complete Thyroid panel 
*Paw Print Genetics Results-Click here

We are so grateful for the wonderful contribution Bruno has made to Cottonwood Labradoodles and will enjoy having Bruno supervise our new stud Journey and future pups produced here at the ‘dood’ ranch.

We are so excited to be adding ‘Bruno’ to our breeding program! 
Many thanks to Heather Hale of Hale’s Labradoodles who not only created Bruno but also serves as our President of ALAA. Bruno is a proven stud dog, and has sired beautiful litters for Heather and we now look forward to his contributions to Cottonwood Labradoodles! Bruno has the softest chocolate fleece coat and big brown eyes that are so expressive. He’s loving and playful and has won each of our girls over with his confidence and ease. He is tested to the Gold and Silver Paw level like all our girls with excellent health clearances. Bruno knows no strangers as he easily traveled with me for a 3 day car ride from his former home in California to mine in Kansas! His conformation is excellent and he has proven to be one big sweetheart with a lot of love to give. Oh Bruno, we love you and can hardly wait for the beautiful pups you’ll produce! Welcome to our Cottonwood Labradoodle family!

Cottonwood's Honey

Registration #: ALAA-037629

We want to especially thank our wonderful guardian family for Sunshine, the Monroe's! Our guardian homes make it possible for each of our breeders to have the love, care and attention that we believe make them the best companions and Mommas to their puppies. Thank you Kristi for being a joy to work with and always having Sunshine's best interest at heart. Sunshine will no doubt retire to a life of weekly massages from Terry, fun and games with Breana and claiming her spot on Meghan's bed! She's one lucky dog!

Sex: Female 
Registration: Full 
Date of Birth: 18-October-2012 
Sire: Ocean States Lil Archie
Dam: Cottonwood Violet  
Breed: M Australian Labradoodle 
Body Size: Small Medium, 17 inches, 28 pounds 
Color: Apricot/red 
Coat: Wavy Fleece 
Health Testing: Hips OFA Good (prelim); Elbows OFA Free; CERF Clear; PRAprcd Clear by parentage; CBC and Thyroid Panel: Normal Von Willebrand disease: Normal   
*Paw Print Genetics Results-Click here

Sunshine is a character! Full of fun and playfulness, she loves to go fishing on the boat or any trips in the car, especially if she can ride shotgun. She is always ready for couch time and alternates between being perched on the back of the couch for best viewing of the outdoors or next to me for belly rubs. Sunshine is smart and never lets her smaller stature prevent her from running just as fast as the other dogs. She has great structure and a beautiful apricot/red silky fleece coat that rarely tangles.    

Sex:  Female
Registration:  Full
Date of Birth:  08-Dec-2010
Sire:  Southern Charm’s Sir Cooper; ALAA-007428
Dam:  4 Paws Autumn Dove; 
Breed: M Australian Labradoodle
Body size:  Medium, 20 inches, 40 pounds
Color:  Cream
Coat:  Wavy Fleece
Health Testing:  Hips OFA Good (prelim); Elbows OFA Free; CERF Clear; PRAprcd Clear by parentage; CBC and Thyroid Panel: Normal

Born and raised right here at Cottonwood Labradoodles, Blossom has the softest coat and loves to be brushed and held! She is very energetic and can run like the wind but when it’s time to snuggle, she prefers nothing more than sitting next to you. Blossom is a beautiful cream Austrailian Labradoodle with a soft, wavy fleece coat. She has wonderful boning and should produce pups with amazing coats, like her Dad, Southern Charm’s Sir Cooper. 

Cottonwood's Pippa

Registration #: ALAA-048008

Retired Breeders of Cottonwood Labradoodles

Sex:  Male
Date of Birth:  11/23/18
Registration:  ALAA-077290
Sire: Cedar Bend Johnnie Walker Red
Dam: Desert Winds Lady Madeline
Breed:  Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size:  Small Medium
Color:  Apricot with white markings
Coat:  Fleece

Health Clearances:  Hips OFA Good (Prelim), Elbows normal, Patella’s normal, OFA CAER normal, PRA prcd Clear , vWd I Clear, IC Clear by Parentage, Paw Print Genetics DNA, DM Clear, EIC Clear; Paw Print Genetics Health Certificate Results- Click Here

We are so excited to be adding Journey to our breeding program! He came to us at the age of 8 weeks making the drive from Colorado to Cottonwood without a whimper. Journey is a confident little fellow and knows no strangers. He is playful, retrieves well and can run like lightening. His conformation is excellent and his flowing, soft apricot/red coat stops people in their tracks when they see him. He is always happy to meet a new person or dog. Journey is clear on all his health testing and will begin producing litters with us in late fall of 2019. He has already completed 2 training classes, Puppy I and Basic Manners and Obedience with flying colors and his Guardian Family plan to continue his training all the way to become a Certified Therapy Dog to work at our local college. Journey is quite lucky to have landed with an amazing Guardian Family where he has 2 human sisters who keep him on his toes with reinforcing his training and teaching him to be a gentleman. Quite remarkable considering they are just 4 and 7 years old! We sure love you Journey and know the girls of Cottonwood will love you too. Can’t wait to see the beautiful puppies he will help us create!

Desert Winds Joy in the Journey of Cottonwood Labradoodles

Registration # ALAA-077290