Litter is fully booked. 

Molly and Pippa meet up with Alaina and AJ of Legendary Labradoodles in Texas.

Pippa and her two week old pups!

They grow fast!

Our mission is to raise puppies with individualized care, with a focus towards preserving the health and loving temperament of the Australian Labradoodle. We are member breeders of the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America), an organization diligent in upholding the integrity of the breed and requires genetic testing of all breeding dogs. All our puppies are born in our home and when older, have access to our five acres of woods, prairie and pond.We assist with every delivery and therefore handle each pup from the time they are born. We find this individualized attention and stimulation creates dogs that are better socialized, more intelligent and physically healthier. This care and supervision of puppies is my passion!

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Legendary's AJ

Our little Pippa is all grown up now and will have a winter honeymoon with the ‘oh so handsome’ Legendary’s AJ, (whom some refer to as the Brad Pitt of Labradoodles!) Pippa is such a sweetheart and with parents like Honey and Bruno, well that is a given. She’s a snuggle bug and loves belly rubs but can play and run as fast as the bigger dogs. Pippa loves to take long walks with her family, play frisbee, and go for rides to pick up the girls from school.  She has great structure and boning and her health scores are excellent, (see all Health Clearances under Our Dogs.) At 29 pounds Pippa is a small medium in size with a soft,  curly, dark chocolate fleece coat. She has beautiful amber eyes and the best eye contact! Mr. AJ Wiggles as Alaina at Legendary Labradoodles refers to him as the “total package.” He’s never met a stranger and his awesome good looks are just the beginning. AJ is just the sweetest and most gentle soul, wrapped in an absolutely stunning caramel, wavy fleece coat that is incredibly soft and shiny. He has great structure and boning and weighs in at 32 pounds, a small Medium. At 6 months old, AJ passed his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and will continue to progress with training until he is officially therapy certified. He has passed his health testing with flying colors and has already produced puppies with amazing coats and temperaments and structure.

We couldn’t be more excited to see the puppies these two produce! Expected colors should be in shades of cream, caramel, and chocolate with gorgeous fleece coats that are wavy to curly. Pups should range from 17” to 18” and (27lbs. – 35lbs.), small Mediums. Temperaments will be exceptional!

The litter is fully booked

For ​Cottonwood's Honey &

Hale's Such a Player aka Bruno! 

*If there are more pups than expected we will add

approved applications accordingly to the list.

A few of Cottonwood's past puppies! 

Molly Simmering
Hesston, Ks. 67062

It’s been a fun week with puppies and now that they’re 2 weeks old they are more active as they crawl around to find Mama Pippa and make their formation in the ‘puppy pile’.

Pups eyes and ears are starting to open and they sometimes seem to startle themselves with their own squeals and growls. All puppies are growing well and a few of the boys are in a race for who will be the heaviest each day when I weigh them! They are a chill group and handle the neuro-stimulation exercises well with little to no fussing. Pippa continues to be an excellent Mama with nursing 7 puppies and keeping them and her whelping area clean. Good girl Pippa!

Meet Pippa's two week old puppies!!

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Pippa and newborn pups!

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Cottonwood Pippa and AJ Puppies are here!

7 Beautiful pups in colors of chocolate and caramel born June 1st. Stay tuned for more photos and updates and check our Facebook page too. Hats off to Pippa our newest Cottonwood Mama!​​

Cottonwood Labradoodles Recent News: 

A video of Cottonwood's puppies from the past! Enjoy!

Welcome to Cottonwood Labradoodles. We are a small breeder located in the heartland of America, 30 minutes north of Wichita and 2.5 hours south of Kansas City otherwise known as Hesston, Kansas. It is a pleasure and a passion to provide a breeding program of Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle’s.​

We are proud to be ALAA member breeders receiving Gold and Silver Paw Rewards for surpassing the basic recommendations for health testing by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. Please click on the Gold and Silver Paw emblem for further description of the health testing we do for our breeding program.

APET Puppy Evaluations with Certified Dog Trainer Kelly Spencer at the Family Dog Training and Behavioral Center

The brief slide show below shows Kelly working with each pup to gain their trust (since she is a complete stranger to them) and then taking them through the obstacle course. There are 30 some Behavioral Traits assessed through this APET testing created by AVIDOG and it is such an amazing process! The puppies always seem to surpass my own expectations for navigating this new experience, not to mention the challenge of the 45 minute car ride down to the training center and back. Not one pup got car sick!

Cottonwood's Pippa