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Welcome to Cottonwood Labradoodles. We are a small breeder located in the heartland of America, 30 minutes north of Wichita and 2.5 hours south of Kansas City otherwise known as Hesston, Kansas. It is a pleasure and a passion to provide a breeding program of Australian
Multi-Generation Labradoodle’s.

Our mission is to raise puppies with individualized care, with a focus towards preserving the health and loving temperament of the Australian Labradoodle. We are member breeders of the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America), an organization diligent in upholding the integrity of the breed and requires genetic testing of all breeding dogs. All our puppies are born in our home and when older, have access to our five acres of woods, prairie and pond.We assist with every delivery and therefore handle each pup from the time they are born. We find this individualized attention and stimulation creates dogs that are better socialized, more intelligent and physically healthier. This care and supervision of puppies is my passion! 

Cottonwood Labradoodles is beginning
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Announcing an upcoming litter!
Cottonwood Violet
ALAA #022342
Ocean States Charlie Brown
ALAA #028085
photo courtesy of Stefani at
Ocean State Labradoodles

Violet and Charlie first honeymooned last March and produced such a beautiful litter; we had to repeat this breeding. Violet is our chocolate/café girl with a soft curly fleece coat. She is medium in size, has the most expressive eyes and loves to lay her head in your lap. When other dogs are excited we can always count on Violet to be chill! But don’t let that fool you; she can run and jump and play hard with the best of them! She is an awesome Mom and her last litter with Charlie produced 9 beautiful pups; one who we kept back as our up and coming breeder, Miss Honey.

Charlie Brown has a dark chocolate silky fleece coat, beautiful amber eyes and is a perfect medium in size. Stefani at Ocean State Labradoodles says: “his temperament is incredible and he is a complete social butterfly. Charlie has never met a stranger, his tail is always wagging, and he lives for belly rubs and to cuddle with you.”

Both of these dogs are health tested to the Gold and Silver Paw level with ALAA. Puppies will be mediums in size and in colors of chocolate and caramel with beautiful fleece coats. We will ultrasound to confirm pregnancy mid February and are receiving applications and deposits for this litter.

Sunshine's Girl, Joy
six weeks old!
Enjoy some live action of
Cottonwood Labradoodles Joy at four weeks old.

Cottonwood's Sunshine
ALAA #030012
Ocean State's Tom Sawyer "Sawyer" 
ALAA #027244
Photo Courtesy of Ocean State Labradoodles

This will be Sunshine's first litter and we think it will be outstanding. Sunshine is our 'game for anything' girl; she loves to ride in the car, go fishing on the boat, running through the fields like a bullet, or lounging on the back of the couch overseeing her domain! She's also good for snuggles with her head in my lap, but only after the sun goes down and there's nothing else to see out our windows. She is smart, funny, and doesn't know she's the smallest doodle (29 pounds) on the place. Sunshine is a small medium Australian Labradoodle with an apricot fleece coat that rarely tangles. She has great confirmation, large boning, and great scores on all her health testing. Pups from this mating should mature to be small mediums to mediums and expect colors of gold, apricot, and possibly red with some fun white markings. All pups will have black pigment.
Ocean State’s Tom “Sawyer” is an Australian Labradoodle with a stunning dark apricot fleece coat (with white marks on his head, face and chest that give him so much character) gorgeous hush puppy brown eyes, beautiful long eyelashes, and a face that simply doesn’t get any more yummy! Here’s what Stefani at Ocean State Labradoodles has to say about Sawyer: “He has perfect conformation inheriting his daddy’s stocky boning, a solid square body type and is a small medium in size. Sawyer is a happy go lucky kind of guy with a fun and bubbly personality and loves everyone he meets. He is the type of dog that wants to please and is compliant, social, smart, and the right amount of everything to make him as close to perfections as perfection gets! His puppies have been absolutely spectacular in every way in both their gorgeous looks and stable temperaments. Sawyer has passed his extensive health testing for breeding with flying colors, and he is sure to be an incredible asset to the labradoodle community.” Thank you Stefani for letting us use Sawyer!

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The latest video of the puppies!  Enjoy!
We are proud to be ALAA member breeders receiving Gold and Silver Paw Rewards for surpassing the basic recommendations for health testing by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. Please click on the Gold and Silver Paw emblem for further description of the health testing we do for our breeding program.


Molly Simmering

Hesston, Ks. 67062

Home: 620-327-5085

Cell: 620-327-7412

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