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Meet Sunshine & Bruno's puppies who arrived July 12th.

Our mission is to raise puppies with individualized care, with a focus towards preserving the health and loving temperament of the Australian Labradoodle. We are member breeders of the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America), an organization diligent in upholding the integrity of the breed and requires genetic testing of all breeding dogs. All our puppies are born in our home and when older, have access to our five acres of woods, prairie and pond.We assist with every delivery and therefore handle each pup from the time they are born. We find this individualized attention and stimulation creates dogs that are better socialized, more intelligent and physically healthier. This care and supervision of puppies is my passion!

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We are so excited to be having Sunshine Puppies in our home again! She is a character, full of fun and playfulness and is up for any adventure, on ground or riding shotgun for road trips or fishing on the boat. She is also a snuggle bug, whether that’s laying on the bed with you or perched on the back of the couch behind your head where she can get a birds eye view of all the action. Sunshine is smart and never lets her smaller stature prevent her from running just as fast as the other dogs. She has great structure and a beautiful apricot/red soft fleece coat. Sunshine is tested to the Gold and Silver Paw level of ALAA and has fantastic scores and health clearances.

Bruno has the softest chocolate fleece coat and big brown eyes that melt your heart and are so expressive. He’s loving and playful and has won each of our girls over with his confidence and ease. He is tested to the Gold and Silver Paw level like all our girls with excellent health clearances. Bruno knows no strangers His conformation is excellent and he has proven to be one big sweetheart with a lot of love to give. This will be Sunshine and Bruno’s first litter together and we couldn’t be more excited to see what they produce. Puppies should be Mediums in size around 30 to 45 pounds 18-20 inches tall and possible colors include cream, caramel, apricot, chocolate, black and red.

What a joy it is to have Sunshine and her pups here! I think this was the best delivery yet. Not that is was a short one, it wasn't. But Sunshine was relaxed and confident and really required very little assistance from me. She is a great mom and was hesitant initially to leave her babies even for a potty break. Now she is ready to stretch her legs more and enjoys going for a romp in the yard. Sunshine keeps her pups so clean and they are very content. Because there is such a variety in colors, I'm having no difficulty telling each pup apart. I was so excited when the last pup was born as I thought he was black, but as I dried him off I could see he was a very dark chocolate. Gorgeous! Stay tuned for more updates and photos and don't forget to go to our Facebook page where I have posted some videos of Sunshine's precious pups! 

6 Week Update:

Pups are now 6 weeks old and there have been so many changes! They all come barreling through the back door now to go outside and to eat most meals. There’s no fear of getting down the steps and their stamina to play and explore has increased as well. Personalities are really starting to emerge; Pink girl frequently challenges the boys to show who’s the toughest, (reminds me of me in 2nd grade!), Blue has the best eye contact and ventures out to explore the furthest, Purple girl although smaller than the others keeps right up with the rest of them and always seems to find a place in my lap, Orange and Red boy have consistently played and explored together as a pair and Green boy is the most vocal in the group! It is so fun to watch how their confidence builds each week and their recalls are excellent! When I call them back to me they all come running full speed and pounce in my lap. We began crate training this past week and they have done great. Gradually they will experience the door being shut and learning that they must be quiet for it to be opened. We will have Vet checks Friday which means car rides, closed crates, and micro-chipping implants, OUCH! But they are resilient and I think will prove to roll right along with it. (To be revealed!)

This litter is fully booked and

all pups have their forever families!

Molly Simmering
Hesston, Ks. 67062

​The most recent video

of the puppies! 

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A video of Cottonwood's puppies from the past! Enjoy!

Welcome to Cottonwood Labradoodles. We are a small breeder located in the heartland of America, 30 minutes north of Wichita and 2.5 hours south of Kansas City otherwise known as Hesston, Kansas. It is a pleasure and a passion to provide a breeding program of Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle’s.​

We are proud to be ALAA member breeders receiving Gold and Silver Paw Rewards for surpassing the basic recommendations for health testing by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. Please click on the Gold and Silver Paw emblem for further description of the health testing we do for our breeding program.

& our own Hale's Such A Player

aka Bruno

Cottonwood's Sunshine

A few of Cottonwood's puppies from the past! 

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